We want your experience to be memorable.

TWP Tours aims to cultivate experiences that balance impact with fun, educational opportunities, and new adventures.

We Specialize in Impact Travel

Impact Travel is travel with a purpose. We believe that one can travel while also positively transforming lives and livelihoods. We aim to cultivate experiences that balance this purpose of having an impact with fun, educational opportunities, and new adventures.

Small Group Sizes

At TWP Tours, our group sizes generally range from 6 to 12 participants and are typically composed of like-minded and intrepid travelers, learners, and volunteers. We maintain these small group sizes in order to minimize our impact on the places we travel, build meaningful and long-lasting relationships between participants, and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get their hands dirty with our projects – not just watch.

Commitment to Excellence and Authenticity

At TWP Tours we value authentic experiences and excellent customer service. We staff our programs with Tour Leaders who are deeply knowledgeable about the destination, experienced at implementing Trees, Water, and People’s sustainable development initiatives, and skilled facilitators and translators. Our experience and relationships in the communities we visit guarantees you authentic interactions with community members and a genuine glimpse at their everyday lives that cannot be obtained by large, multi-national, travel companies.

Exclusive Experiences You Can’t Find Otherwise

TWP Tours is the sole travel partner of Trees, Water, & People and the only company that provides intimate engagement with high-impact, international development projects. These projects aren’t your typical “service projects” – they are continuations of ongoing development projects based on community needs assessments conducted by Trees, Water, & People staff.

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