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Tribal Lands

Since 2002, Trees, Water & People has worked on Tribal Lands in the United States building a suite of programs that contribute to Native American sovereignty and sustainability. We do this by increasing local capacity to implement renewable energy solutions, manage natural resources on Tribal lands , and generate new economic opportunities for the next generation. We are fortunate to work in partnership with Tribal governments, local entrepreneurs, and Native youth who see a future where ancestral customs, practices,and landscapes are a foundation for a prosperous future.

Our work on Tribal Lands started on the Lakota Nation in Pine Ridge, SD, where we co-founded the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center in 2007, then the Sacred Earth Lodge in 2012. Since then, these spaces have served as a central venue to offer renewable energy training, to stage reforestation activities, and to host groups of visitors to the Lakota Nation. We are now expanding our work to the Pueblos of New Mexico where we are working with Tribes to restore critical watersheds, and to offer access to solar energy education in local schools.

When you take a tour of Tribal Lands with TWP Tours, you will:

  • Explore the rich culture and traditions of Native American people
  • Tour and experience renewable energy and reforestation projects being implemented by local groups in partnership with Trees, Water & People
  • Work with your hands while learning more about each community, their history, and community development priorities
  • Visit historical landmarks, and natural landscapes

Interested in seeing visiting tribal lands? Check out our upcoming tours.

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