A Lakota woman stands with her new solar air furnace.

The need for better energy solutions is real.

Access to clean, reliable energy on Tribal Lands can support climate resilience strategies and inspire a new generation of Native Americans in the renewable energy workforce.

Since 2002, TWP has worked on Tribal Lands in the United States to develop economically-viable, culturally-appropriate renewable energy solutions with local communities. Native People in the US often lack the economic means to improve community health outcomes and restore natural resources on their traditional homelands. Introducing Native youth to sustainable energy technology through our Solar Warriors Empowerment Training (SWET) encourages Native students to pursue STEM-based higher education and careers in solar technology, giving them the tools to lead Tribal communities into the future, while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

We provide Native youth opportunities learn to solar energy technology, through hands-on workshops presented through an Indigenous lens, that provide students with the tools to lead their Tribal communities into a more sustainable future.

Our Solar Warrior Empowerment Training (SWET) provides an engaging learning process through which Indigenous students can explore renewable energy systems and build confidence in their ability to contribute towards their communities' energy needs. The purpose of these workshops is to empower, educate & strengthen Tribal members through solar education while employing a social-emotional learning approach.

Powering poor communities with the sun, wind, or with a nearby river gives local people the skills to participate in a 21st Century industry, and provides them a springboard toward prosperity in a world where heat and electricity are basic needs.

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A solar warrior student helps to complete a solar electric installation in Colorado.