Map of Nicaragua.


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and is well-known for its stunning volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, beautiful beaches, and incredible coffee culture. Nicaragua consistently appears on the list of top 10 countries most affected by climate change (GermanWatch, 2015). To address the environmental and social challenges that Nicaragua faces as a vulnerable country due to climate change, Trees, Water & People and PROLEÑA have been working together since 2000, to plant trees, design, manufacture, and distribute clean cookstoves, and promote renewable energy and resource efficiency throughout Nicaragua. Since that time, we have built a cookstove manufacturing facility in Managua, several tree nurseries throughout the country, have partnered with industry and farmers to create closed-loop woodlots for sustainable fuel production, and have bought and sold solar energy systems for on and off-grid applications.

Currently, Trees, Water, & People is in the process of opening Tierra Verde, the Nicaraguan Climate Change Education Center in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua - an educational and training venue with doors open to academic researchers, development practitioners, policy-influencers and the general population, all working together to address the challenges wrought on the region by climate change. Activities at the Center will focus on soil remediation, agroforestry, agricultural diversification, biomass energy production and efficiency, and photovoltaic systems.

Gemara Gifford in Nicaragua.

When you take a tour of Nicaragua with TWP Tours, you will:

  • Visit diverse, volcanic landscapes that range from misty highlands, to pristine volcanic lagoons, to a powerful Pacific coastline to see a nearby mangrove reserve and a sea turtle nursery
  • Visit a bird-friendly certified shade-coffee farm and vanilla-agroforests which help farmers generate income, while protecting biodiversity
  • Explore the colonial town of Granada, visit community projects and a Jaguar Reserve near Jinotega, and explore various sustainable projects in Matagalpa
  • See an active clean cookstove manufacturing operation at our partner Proleña's offices in Managua, highlighting several stove designs and uses.
  • Visit the Tierra Verde Climate Change Education Center where Proleña manages its tree nursery and provides workshops for the local community.

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