Map of Mexico.

Mexico City

TWP Tours goes urban for a cultural and culinary adventure in North America's biggest city. We explore the city as a major waypoint for culture, language and cuisine in the region, and also as a study in urban sustainability. The greater Mexico City Metro Area is bigger than the population of Honduras and Nicaragua combined, and gives an idea of the investments Central American cities need to make to manage increased rural to urban migration. Mexico as a whole is of increasing interest to us at TWP Tours because of its geographic role as a bridge for migration of both birds and humans between the U.S. and Central America.

We'll meet with small business owners who are trying to differentiate themselves in this burgeoning marketplace, and who source their products from the rich and diverse rural areas of the country. We'll also hear from people working in on the forefront of sustainable development and public policy in the country, and those working to provide services and protection to disadvantaged communities in the region. Potential side trips include visiting the ruins of Teotihuacán, once the biggest urban center in Mesoamerica dating to 300BC, the former prehispanic agricultural epicenter of the region at Xochimilco, and rural towns in the mountains southeast of the city.

  • Contemplate the scale of the Mexico City Metropolitan area, what it takes to keep it functioning, and the lessons it holds for humanity's future.
  • Enjoy the urban parks, public markets, and street vendors and how they change with the fascinating personality of each neighborhood.
  • Hear from a diverse cross-section of small business owners including their challenges and the opportunities they see in delivering their products and services.
  • Talk with academics and local experts about the challenges facing Mesoamerica today, and how to manage future growth and population flows.
  • Step out of the urban sprawl and see some of the natural, historical and cultural treasures within a days drive of the Capital.

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