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    How do TWP Tours and Trees, Water & People work together?

TWP Tours is the travel partner of Trees, Water & People, with 20 years of experience delivering services and support to communities in Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. Trees, Water & People has been working in these regions since its founding, and all of their intimate knowledge of the people, places, and local know-how forms the core of TWP Tours.

TWP Tours was formed to increase its ecotourism offerings without drawing energy and staff resources away from Trees, Water & People’s core mission and program activities. Interest in tours to the regions Trees, Water & People works in and opportunities to learn hands-on from projects has grown steadily in the past few years, inspiring the official creation of TWP Tours in 2017.

    Are TWP Tours Safe?

While risk is an inherent (and important!) aspect of travel, TWP Tours takes great measures to manage for risk both from our office and in the field. Our experienced tour leaders have undergone extensive training to ensure guests’ safety and wellbeing and accompany groups throughout their tours. TWP Tours, in conjunction with Trees, Water & People, has spent years working the communities that our tours visit and are familiar with the risks.

From the office, our team is taking everything into consideration - from transportation, to food, to wild animals, to weather conditions. With this knowledge, we’ve developed a risk management plan for each destination to help ensure an easy and efficient handling of any unexpected circumstances.

Some TWP Tours itineraries are in countries for which travel warnings have been issued by the Department of State. These warnings are precautionary, and while important, do not necessarily reflect the reality of the entire country. TWP Tours is extremely familiar with each country, the terrain, local liaisons, and necessary precautions.

    Where will we sleep?

All TWP Tours include accommodations that vary depending on the various locations within each itinerary. Included in this range are dorm-style bunkhouses with NGO partners (all bedding materials provided), homestays, private lodges, and hotels.

    What do I pack?

After registration and enrollment in a TWP Tour, you’ll be given a packing list specific to your destination and connected to your fellow travelers and tour leader. Our hope is that you won’t have to purchase anything new to participate in TWP Tours, and recommend shopping at secondhand and thrift stores when trip clothing is necessary. We will be staying in rustic locations and will be getting our hands and clothes dirty!

    Who goes on a TWP Tour? Can I handle the TWP Tours experience?

TWP Tours are not meant for those looking for a luxury travel experience. The ideal participant in a TWP Tour is eager to learn, hoping to have a positive impact, and passionate about the mission of Trees, Water & People.

On TWP Tours, we stay in rustic lodges, eat local foods, and get our hands dirty. While it’s important to be comfortable hiking and spending time in the great outdoors (and often, the tropics), previous experience doing either is not a requirement. We typically travel with participants of a range of physical fitness levels. The most important qualities we ask participants to bring to a tour are positivity and flexibility!

    Do I need to speak Spanish?

Not at all! On every TWP Tour we have a TWP tour leader who is familiar with the country, the project, and is ready and able to translate when necessary throughout the program. If you’re lucky, you’ll likely pick up some new language skills along the way as an added benefit of traveling with TWP Tours.

    Can I organize my own group for a TWP Tour?

Yes! If we are not currently offering a tour to a TWP Tours destination that you are interested in visiting, and you have a group of eager, intrepid travelers in mind, you can organize your own, private TWP Tour! In the past, we have organized tours for friends, networking groups, non-profit boards, and churches. To organize your own TWP Tour, fill out our information request form and check "custom tour". We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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