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Custom Tours

TWP Tours leverages the vast international experience of our Tours Specialists to offer custom tours throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Custom Tours are crafted to meet your interests and needs, and can focus on themes including rural development, migration, social enterprise, leadership, protected area management, birding and biodiversity, or a combination of these. These tours are excellent for family foundations seeking in-depth exposure to challenges in the developing world, business teams interested in cultural expressions of entrepreneurship, executives and managers looking for team-building or leadership retreats, or groups looking for a unique, culturally rich, educational adventure.

Tour Option 1: Custom TWP Tour to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua or El Salvador

TWP Tours can build a custom itinerary for the group, with less focus Trees, Water & People rural development projects in each country, and more time spent visiting selected attractions in the region. This tour can be focused on entrepreneurship, protected areas, cultural sites and ruins, birding, hiking, markets and crafts, natural wonders, or a combination of the above. Lodging would be in hotels, and transport would be provided by TWP Tours and local partners. Meals would mostly be in restaurants, and frequency of site changes would be decided by the group during the planning process.

5-8 day tour, $1,450 - $1,950 per person (flights not included)

Tour Option 2: Custom TWP Tour to Cuba, Mexico… or beyond

TWP Tours can build a custom itinerary for the group to other locations of interest, and with a specific focus as requested. We have a great 8-10 day itinerary to Cuba which involves music, natural areas, culture, history, and entrepreneurship in both urban and rural areas, and have an urban tour of Mexico City and Puebla that incorporate similar elements in one of the biggest and most interesting cities in the hemisphere. While Trees, Water & People doesn’t have active projects in these locations, we have a broad network and produce a tour that touches on so many elements relevant to our work, including coffee, rural-to-urban migration, and local culture and history.

5-8 day tour, $1,850 - $2,450 per person (flights not included)

If a custom Travel with Purpose Tour sounds like the right fit for your group, or if you’d like to suggest a country beyond those listed, please contact TWP Tours Specialists Daniela Bueso at daniela@twp.tours, or Sebastian Africano at sebastian@twp.tours, or call 970.484.3678.

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