Map of Cuba.


TWP Tours offers educational trips to Cuba with a unique twist. Apart from visiting some of its most beautiful western cities, we also visit rural communities that exist in the background of the more heavily transited urban areas. The entire country of Cuba is vibrant, and the people warm. They welcome you into their world with animated confidence, open arms, and no apologies.

In Cuba you will see the splendor of a Caribbean Nation forced to survive against all odds, and the challenges and victories it has faced along the way. You'll leave with new friends and a new perspective on history in the Western hemisphere. The classic and the modern are beginning to meld together on this enchanted island, and at the root of it you'll see people trying to make the absolute most out of their circumstances, while trying to maintain their heritage.

  • See historical and more recent attractions in Havana with an emphasis on small independent "cuentapropistas" or entrepreneurs.
  • Tour the neighboring towns of Alamar and Cojimar, quaint fishing villages with a tinge of Hemingway coursing through them.
  • Visit the more laid back city of Cienfuegos, with French-Caribbean architecture, wide boulevards, and deep history.
  • Wind up to the rare and joyous Teatro de Los Elementos - a rural theater experience that will give you chills in the tropics.
  • On an extended trip, visit the geologically marvelous west of Cuba, with incredible landscapes, lush tobacco fields, and pristine coastlines.

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